Monday, September 8, 2008

Norma's Sweet Shop!

Welcome to Norma's Bath and Body Sweet Shop! I have to say that I have one of the worst Sweet Tooth ever!

I have from cake bundt soaps to ice cream soap. yum!!

But I love bringing Sweets into the Bath and Body Line. and it's perfect for Kids and Mommies to indulge in too. and don't worry.. you won't gain a pound, I promise:)

These Soaps are perfect for:


Wedding Shower favors

Anniversary and more!

super fun for kids to get excited about, and they will try to eat them, but try not to let them.. tempting I know!

you can find my soaps online at:

>>>>>>>>>>> Buy 1 Bath Product.. get (1 free!) Limited time only:)

-Norma's Bath and Body


Alwayscrafty2 said...

I just love yummy looking and smelling soaps! Your blog is so tasty looking and very inspiring!

Estela said...

you make soaps look soooo tasty!!!

Tammi said...

YOu have the loveliest soaps, norma! How fun!

norma said...

thank you ladies! I've the Best job. remember these are great for kids gifts:)
~Norma's Bath and Body

kim* said...

4get soap just start being a baker! im hungry

norma's bath and body said...

then if I was a real baker, then the food wouldn't look this good!

Alwayscrafty2 said...

OH NORMA YOU are one Special Gal!

You know I love your blog and think it is wonderful so I have awarded you a special Blog award. check it out

nina kuriloff said...

Your items look positively delicious!!!


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norma mcelroy said...

Thank you!!

norma mcelroy said...

Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving!

Norma Mcelroy said...

Happy to say that I had my 1st television interview with Rachael Platt on March 20,2013 I was thrilled to share my handmade bath and body goodies.