Friday, October 24, 2008

Lee BrockStein is the Seller of the week!

This Week, I'm Interviewed Lee BrockStein, and she makes the Cutest Footstools! and she also makes Bow holders to Ponytail Holders.
This lady has the talent, I've never seen anything like this before! go Lee!
here is what she says about her work:
My site is called Couture Kid, and I make Footstools, Bow holders, photo albums, Barrettes and pony tail holders. the Barrettes and ponytail holders arn't up yet. my site focuses on merchandise from WAHM'S, like myself. and I have always been crafty and they motivated me
to take it back up! and Wahlah... the footstools where born!
they are one of a kind, and made to oder. you can see them at:
Now I am only online, but am planning to go to market in dallas in March!
I have had Tremendous response to the stools.


normasbathandbody said...

your work is so unique! I hope that you sell even more stools with your wonderful interview that I just did with you:)

go shop with Lee!!

Homemade Zen said...

That's pretty funny looking footstools!

Forever Foxed said...

Those are funny!

Elizabeth said...

very interesting and unusual but cute.

Annabelle said...

Those are the cutest little footstools I have ever seen. Very creative!