Friday, January 9, 2009

>>> It's Bonanzle Time!!

So what is Bonanzle??

Bonanzle is a site for Buying and Selling. and it's growing at a rapid pace!
I don't have the exact date that they started. but it's hot.. and it's very addictive.

there are a lot of sellers there, super easy to set up a shop there and to list within minutes.. seriously.. no bugs/ errors. I love it!

so you wanna know what you can sell? anything but Porn I'm sure:)
they have a forum where you can interact with other sellers and buyers, and Bonanzle even has a live chat. how cool is that?

and if you don't wanna sell there, hey just be a Buyer.. either way.. it's a Heck of a good time at Bonanzle. check it out for yourself!
~Norma's bath and Body

Check back for updates!


Debbie @ said...

Come on by my booth at Bonanzle

And post your booth for free at

Norma's bath and body said...

Hi Debbie!
I will check out your Bonanzle Booth!

thanks for posting the really smart deal site:)

Brandon said...

Thanks for sharing Norma!

norma said...

you are very welcome.