Monday, March 16, 2009

So you Never Tried Hand made Bath Products?

HI Guys!
Are you one of those people who purchase all of your Bath Products in a Retail Store?
did you know that lots of those products may smell good, but it's loaded with harsh chemicals?

my Handmade SOaps etc. are all Handmade and no harsh ingredients are added. I have from Tea Tree Acne Products to Kids Food SOaps.

- ALL MOisturizing with shea butters and Glycerin.
- High Lathering. some Aloe vera Added to my shower gels
- The Scents will just make you DROOL!
- Very affordable considering it's Handmade.
-Makes Excellent Gifts for anyone like:
- Birthdays
- Baby Showers
- Wedding Favors
and more!

If you've never used Handmade Products... I dare you to try something Unique. You'll never know until you try them!
( Buy one product. get 1 free here. Monday March 16th)