Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hi Guys.. want to give your Mom something super special for Mothers Day? well it can be free!

all you have to do is tell me why your mom is the Best and why she deserves to win my

*Bath and Body Gift Basket* worth 50.00 *
Do tell in a few short words.. all moms are special.. and they raised us! they deserved to be well pampered.. and here is your chance to express your love to them on MAY 10TH!
while I would love to choose everyone.. I just can't.. but thanks for entering.. much success:)

It's all deliciously Handmade.. and someone will win.. but you can't win if you don't enter!

******* Winner will be notified on May 1,2009*******

Let's get this party started!!!

-Norma's Bath and Body

NOTE: VOte for artfire to win this contest. see link below!


crystal said...

I did not show my mom in the right way,when i was young.
Now it is fun to tell her...she is totally cool!! She works hard,loves all of us and rides a Harley:)

shopannies said...

My mother deserves to win because she has been the glue for us 5 kids when were little and even today My father passed and yet she is the brick and mortar that can keep this family together so that is why she deserves to win for the love that she shows daily

wendy said...

My mother deserves to win because after suffering through a divorce after 27 years of marriage, she still has not been able to bounce back fully and it would be great to have something positive happen to her to affirm that the good things in life are still within her reach.

madamerkf at aol dot com

Anonymous said...

My mommy deserves to win because she is 68 years old still working as a maintance lady for a grocery store. She takes care of my nephew after she gets off work. She has had many surgerys and still keeps going. She is an inspiration to us all. She started smokeing at the age of 17 and quit smoking at the age of 52.

texaswaitress (at)

norma said...

wow.. thanks for sharing guys.. this is gonna be hard to choose a winner on May 1st!

kim* said...

my mom is the best because she has not grown up in the best situation but she always goes on with life trying her best. she never gives up even when its the last string. she is an awesome homemaker and a hard worker , she has been working at walmart for more then 7 yrs shes gotta be strong if she works there, i wouldnt last a week! lol

she once made a balnket that took her 8 years but see she never gave up!

um she wakes up every morning and eats breakfast shares with the nephew and goes back to sleep to rest every morning. she works till midnight and stays up a few hours to wind down and does it all over again every day.

um she had to put up with the kids acting ridiculous but loves us just the same.

has to go thru alot with my dad having parkinsons , but stays strong never giving up.

she's my #1 mom.

kim* said...

ps- convo me at if i win :)

AMIdesigns said...

my mum is simply the best - always puts herself at the bottom of the pile and would do anything at any time for me or my 4 siblings. i love her to bits

Beth said...

Greetings! I found you via your indirepublic post. About my mom -

My mother always believed in me. I never felt that there was anything I couldn't do. I love her for her positive, encouraging attitude and am grateful that she believed in me!

The Dreamer said...

My mom deserves to win because she has always been supportive of me even in the most difficult times. She's my biggest fan and now my friend too. She's also the best new grandma ever and I'd love to give her this so she can spend a few moments on herself instead of always on us.

addeviant006 at gmail dot com

Chris said...

My mom is such an amazing woman. Whether or not I win, I will always believe that. She came from an abusive household (her brother ran away to get away from it), and she still managed to find a relationship that she has maintained for close to 30 years now. My father came from a family that thought a handshake is affectionate. She taught him to be truly affectionate - by hugging all of us at least once a day when we were growing up. She also had to deal with two premature twins while alternating night and day shifts with my father.

She's been so successful in her life - a role model not just to me, but to many of my friends as well.

Happy Mother's day to all the mothers out there! They all deserve something special!


The Giveaway Diva said...

because she has sacrificed so much for my sisters and i and we would not be where we are today without her! she has made us who we are! i love her!

lmurley2000 said...

why my mom deserves this basket, she raised 4 kids 3 boys and one girl, the boys was enough but i was a hell cat when i was young. good thing i have changed she is the best mom in the world she does for me and i do for her, we love each other like sister not mother and daughter and i have apoliged a million times for the things i did when i was young, and she always says we at least you turned out all right. thanks

baggypants said...

My Mom has been wonderful through thick and thin...she didn't have the best life when we were little...long story...she kept things going for my sister and I...working, keeping us fed and a roof over our heads...we weren't the best kids either (selfish brats!!)...but now my Mom is starting to enjoy herself as she gets older...and little pampering gift would be so nice for her!!