Tuesday, April 7, 2009

>> Need Wedding Favors??

Wedding Season is almost here!
So are you a Bride- To-Be? know someone who is? we all know how beautiful weddings are.. the Beautiful Bride in the White Gown.. to the Handsome Groom.. to the Huge and gorgeous wedding cakes .. to guests..

well what about Wedding favors? have you thought about something that your guests and bridesmaides will love as a gift to remember?

here is an idea.. Mini wedding cake Soaps! they are made with (Glycerin and shea butters) while they do look good enough to eat.. not to be eaten!

guests will remember these soaps for a long time after the big day, and they are unique too!

you can bathe with them, or keep in a nice soap dish in your bath. whatever you do, these mini wedding cake soaps are adorable and unforgettable!

they can be made in many yummy scents, or unscented. and can be made in any color to match your wedding!

they will be the talk around the table. I do welcome bulk/ wholesale orders. and if you're not into mini wedding cake soaps for your wedding.. check out my other bath goodies here at:

whatcha think? your thoughts??

~Norma's Bath and Body


Anonymous said...

How cute are those!?!?!

norma said...

thanks!I love making them.